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This day is for cairn terriers to have fun with their owners! The day begins with a march behind a bagpiper in full Highland dress, owners walking their cairns and the dogs excitedly barking, sniffing, and greeting each other. Those Cairns who have attended before know of all the good things they are going to enjoy, and they wiggle with excitement. The obstacle course is laid out, the Rally-O course is waiting in the paddock, the centre ring is set up for the competitions, the tunnels dug for Earthdog training, and the racecourse, the racing is the highlight of the day, ready for business. Grooming tables are set up and club members ready to help show how to keep cairns looking their best.

In the drive shed, the refreshment table is laid out, and the Cairn Novelties table has lots of cute and useful things for cairn parents to purchase, remembering that this is a fundraiser for the Club's charity, Pet Trust at Ontario Veterinary College at Guelph University.

The obstacle course is the first order of the day, followed by Rally-O, both activities are busy and get the blood moving! In the centre ring, cairns compete for biggest, smallest, hairiest, the best trick etc., and it is all rounded out by the Best Fancy Dress. The range of imagination is astounding and we have seen cairns as ballerinas, fairies, scuba diver, policeman, Cleopatra, and various Mother Goose characters over the years.

Next is the Earthdog training, and this is to see how much instinct cairns have retained to do what they were bred to do…hunt and kill rodents. Some show no interest whatsoever and others are gung ho immediately. There are cairns present who know all about tunnels and rats at the end of them, and these dogs help educate the newcomers. It is exciting to see your pet cairn showing interest in the cage of rats…even more exciting when he knows what to do and will go down that dark tunnel.

Now it is time for Racing and the starting boxes are quickly filled with cairns, the lure is shaken before them, the gate is opened and off they go chasing that lure to the end. The dogs love it and all are eager to have another go, so the lineup of waiting contestants gets quite long. Everyone has at least 2 races, and there are special races for the oldies and the babies. The din is deafening as everyone yells encouragement to their dogs, and the dogs waiting in line are shrieking with excitement.

The last item on the agenda is the dinner of BBQ'd pork, baked beans, salads, rolls and desserts. Everyone loads their plates and drifts away to sit in groups and wind down from the days activities. Many have been attending Fun Day for years so they enjoy catching up with people they only meet here each year. The meal over, people load their tired dogs into their cars and head off home after a great day in the fresh air, having fun with their Cairn terriers.

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