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The current Chair for Cairn terrier rescue for Ontario and Eastern Regions of the Cairn Terrier Club of Canada is George Carr 416-621-8058. Rescue takes in cairns who need new homes, usually this occurs when a marriage breaks up, a move to a nursing home, a job resettlement, a death of an owner, or, unfortunately, babies come along and the cairn is not wanted any longer. Fortunately, the majority of cairns we take in, come from owners who can give us the necessary background on the dog - is it good with children, with cats, with other dogs? Is it housetrained, leash trained? Does it chew and/or destroy things if left alone? A very few Cairns come from shelters, but we only get the ones that have health problems or are deemed too old to be put up for adoption by the shelter. We take them in, we treat them, we find them a home with loving people prepared to make their final days happy for them.

The very first question we ask when someone calls about rehoming their dog is, did you buy from a breeder? Good breeders stand behind their stock and will always take back one of their pups, no matter how old it is. Good breeders always feel they are responsible for every puppy they bring into this world for its whole life. However, the vast majority are from pet shops, who get their merchandise from puppy mills, or back yard-producers, and neither of those sources are going to be responsible for what they sell. Each Cairn that comes to me gets a vet check, is spayed/neutered if needed, and given any vaccinations necessary. Cairns that are in need of training or socializing go to a Foster Home, where they are assessed and learn the manners needed to be a success in life.

When someone calls or emails about wanting to rescue a cairn, we have a list of questions for them to answer; we send them a form to fill out and return to me to go on the waiting list. Then when we get a cairn in that we feel will suit them, we call and arrange a meeting. We also do a Home Suitability Visit to be sure the proposed home and family are who and what they say they are. Then the family comes to meet the dog and if all goes well, they have themselves a nice new pet.

Cairn Rescue is partially funded by the Cairn Terrier Club of Canada Annual Fun Day, and by donations from club members and friends. We do request a donation from each new owner of a Rescue Cairn. This amount is commensurate on the age of the cairn and how much we have had to spend on it.

Rescue is always in need of volunteer helpers - Ontario is huge, and we donít have a lot of members in the Eastern Regions. If you can help by picking up a cairn and driving it, or fostering a cairn, please email me. If you wish to apply to adopt a cairn, Email George Carr or phone 416-621-8058.

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We provide adoption services for the auspices of the Cairn Terrier Club of Canada Ontario & Eastern Regions.

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